Well-utilized feedback! (watch below)

Collecting feedback is a vital tool to keep your mobile customers happy, engaged, and coming back for more. Your customers who take the time to provide feedback do so because they want to be heard. It’s like any relationship: all communication needs to be taken seriously.

Like the video suggests, you have these precious relationships with your users, and you need to nurture them and make them feel valued. So listen to them, process what they are saying, and you might find some good nuggets in there that could actually help your business to boot. But that’s just the beginning: here are four more reasons that feedback is integral to success.

  • Feedback is a great way to catch Product problems early.

A user might catch a bug or glitch, but think it’s not significant enough to warrant writing in an issue or ticket. Feedback, however, is more inviting, casual, and generally-speaking a good outlet for these topics. Topics that actually might be indicative of a larger issue. Either way, you’ll find out about it early and can form an action plan if necessary, before it has the potential to become a widespread problem.

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2. Feedback is an opportunity to Fix your Relationship before it goes public

If you request a rating and also offer the option to send feedback, your unhappy users will articulate why they are unhappy before it gets to the point where they’d leave that same rating in the App Store.

3. Feedback makes your VIPs feel like VIPs.

Having an open feedback loop with your VIPs, feedback that involves two-way communication, can go a long way towards retention. These users are already invested in your product, and by making them feel like they have input in that product (and that you are actually taking the time to listen and have a conversation about it) will keep them coming back.

4. Feedback Can be an esteem-boost for your team. 

Issues and tickets are usually negative. But feedback can be positive commentary on your business and product. Everyone loves to hear when they are doing things right and going above and beyond. So when positive feedback comes in, share it wide with your team and give everyone some much-deserved praise.