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Bill Gates' "Disappearing Computer" Has Arrived
Bulk Actions and Smart Views: Streamlined + Simplified
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It’s the Customer’s Way — Or No Way!
A Little Bit of Background on Our New Typing Indicator
Four Ways To Improve the Customer Feedback Loop
Why Ambient Computing Is One Of Few Truly Disruptive Technologies
How Email Lost the War to Battle-Tested Messaging
‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) Can Be The Airline Industry’s Saving Grace
Fully Automate your Workflow with Time-Based Automations
Customer Service in a World of Ambient Computing
Customer Convenience Is The Bottom Line. Here’s Why (and How).
The Art of Crafting an Appy Community: How TopHatch Increased Social Engagement 10x
How to Turn a Poor Experience into a Positive One
Are Your Customer Service Metrics Just A Vanity Score?
Amid Pending Travel and Laptop Bans, Airlines that Haven’t Gone All-App are Stuck in a Holding Pattern
3 Keys to Scaling a Global Support Team
We're Back from TechXLR8 and Ready for Vegas.
4 Ways to Build an Environment of Collaboration (The Helpshift Way)
Three Ways to Start Creating a Better Player Experience Now!
Playdemic's Secret Sauce To App Store Top 20
How to Set Your Agents Up for Success through Collaboration (and Improve CSAT, too)
Up Your App Game with Helpshift at Apps World Evolution
Helpshift Boosts Trust for m-Commerce
Sharpen Your Helpshift Skills With Our New Knowledge Base
Get the goal. Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
In-app Messaging vs Text Messaging: Why We Choose The Future For Customer Support
In the News: Helpshift's Salesforce Integration Announcement
Project Management Tips and Tricks for Succeeding in Customer Success & Support
Your Customers Demand Mobile Support: Meet Messaging For Salesforce Service Cloud
Helpshift + Power BI = Actionable Data Insights
Everyone Hates Email Spam. What We Are Doing About It.
Why The Phone is Dead - And How to Accommodate for It
New Helpshift SDKs: Issue ID # Visibility, Integration Logger, and more!
Three Ways To Win Customer Support With Micro Moments
Customer Support WTF!
Fitness Industry Needs to Get ‘Appy’ To Stay In the Game
Omnichannel — is it a Myth, Reality or Utopia?
Watch: How Helpshift Has Transformed These Companies
How to Avoid Game Mortality and Resurrect Revenue
Localized Support & Pizza Delivery’s Secret to Serious Dough
How To Successfully Avoid Customer Traps (April Support Superheroes Meetup Recap)
The Secret to Customer Relationships is...
The Real Problem With United Airlines: Latest Insights from Our CEO
5 Reasons In-App Messaging Will Always Prevail Over Live Chat
Pay attention to Analytics!
Upgrade to Our Latest User ID API
Customers Don’t Want an Apology
Scaling for Success: Grow Your Mobile Tribe And Build Loyalty (New Ebook!)
Content Management Systems - the Hidden Secret of Great CustServ
App-ily ever after: a 30 second love story
How To Consciously Craft (and customize) Your Presence
Automations: The Not-Taking-Jobs Kind
Customer Service - Hell or Heaven?
Four Ways to Win the Mobile Customer Experience Game
Support for the Smallest Screen: Catering to Cord-Cutters (and Cord-Nevers)
Why Self-Service is not meeting its own expectations
In-App-Messaging vs Push Notifications: What are the Key Differences?
The Clear Road Forward to Customer Prosperity Part 4
Interface or Inter(voice)? Looking at the Past, Present and Future of Conversational UI
The Clear Road Forward to Customer Prosperity: Part 3
Introducing Pending Reassignment
Book Your Spot for MORE Summit 2017
Love me? Love me not? Why customer relationships matter
The Clear Road Forward to Customer Prosperity: Part 2
Campaigns for Everyone!
Helpshift's Customer Service Acronym Cheat Sheet
How Spanish e-commerce Company’s Support Team Handles Rapid Expansion
The Clear Road Forward to Customer Prosperity: Part 1
Apple’s Latest Executive Order and How You Can Tip it In Your Favor
6 Reasons the Travel Industry Needs a Cohesive In-App Customer Service Plan Right Now
Let’s Get SaaSy: How to Differentiate your Enterprise with a Best-in-Class Customer Service Platform
How Gaming Company Wooga Wins CX and Efficiency Game
The Evolution of Customer Service: 5 Progressions Spanning Past to Future
Is your organization building for the mobile screen first?
The Value of Support Support Groups (no that’s not a typo)
Improve Agent Performance with CSAT score Visibility
New Time Filter Function in Automations
Infographic: How To Deliver a 5 Star App & Ship Every 7 Days
2017 Resolution: Be More Text Savvy
Why Mobile is Critical to Enterprise Success in 2017
Helpshift Receives 2016 Customer Experience Innovation Award from CUSTOMER Magazine
The Role of Emojis In Consumer Relationships
Tis The Season To Be Mobile: This Year’s Top Mobile Trends
Being Mobile First in 2017
How’s Your Mobile Strategy Looking for 2017? Learn From the Mobile Gaming Industry and Download the Free Guide
There’s Gold in That Data! Capture the Multichannel Customer Support Experience Enhance Service and Inbound Marketing
Design The Customer Experience. Leverage the Power of Emotion
Introducing My Open Issues: Consolidating your Agents' work into a singular place
Assign Issues to Available Team Members
Black Friday Smashes Mobile Sales Record. (Over $1 billion in Sales)
The Rise of Mobile CX: Be There. Be Relevant
Helpshift Secures Additional Series B Funding from Cisco Investments
Customer Experience and Black Friday: Why It's Time To Consider A New Approach 
7 Reasons Consumers are Opting out of Social Media for Customer Service 
A Look At Social Media's Compatability with Customer Service
4 Ways To Build A Loyal Customer Base Through Proactive Customer Service Solutions
Customer Experience Study Shows More Reliance on Mobile Support, Less on Social Media, and Other Trends
Great Expectations (and How to Meet and Exceed them) in Today’s Customer Service Organization
Customer Service Decisions Not Directed by Data Are Mere Assumptions – How to Change That
Improve Agent Performance by Limiting Issues
An Upgrade in Technology Doesn't Mean a Downgrade in Customer Service Agents
Customer Success vs Customer Happiness: Developing Long-term Customer Value
Turn Insights Into Action Using Helpshift Analytics
3 Tips For Getting Ahead with your Customer Service Strategy
From The Experts: Jessica Stocks, AirBnB's Workforce Manager, Talks to Us About CX and The Challenge of Growth
Announcing Helpshift's Redesigned Dashboard
Bridging The Gap Between Consumer Expectations And Enterprise Abilities
Why Automated Customer Service Needs More Than Automations To Run It
Why Customer Personas Are Hurting Your Product
Automatically Route & Assign Issues with smart routing
How To Maintain Homeostasis In Your Growing Startup
Customer Experience Vs. Customer Success: What’s the Difference?
What Product Managers Can Learn From Facebook's Micro Moment Domination
Data Shows We Are In The Worst Customer Satisfaction Crisis Of This Decade
Helpshift CTO On How AI is about to disrupt the relationship economy
Thomas Wieberneit Discusses Why Chatbots In Support Is Akin To Putting The Cart Before The Horse
How to Know When Your Support Team Is Ready To Ditch Email
From The Experts: Phil Black, True Ventures Founder, Discusses The Future Of Entrepreneurship
Join Us At Airbnb For Customer Support Superheroes Meetup!
How Mercari Cut Their Time To First Response By 163 Hours
From Phones To Smartphones: Why Your Customer Service Team Needs Data
IoT and Mobile: How Mobile's Maturation And IoT's Growth Will Affect Customer Service
The Hot Topics Of 2016 Casual Connect
Customer Support Wall of Shame: How Did You Get Here, and How Can You Get Off?
Why Traditional Push Notifications Are Pushing Mobile Gamers Away
New Web Widget: Have your Web Users Contact you from Any Page
New CC Feature Adds Ability to Copy Internal/External Followers on Issues
The Three Keys To Getting Consumers To Self Serve
From The Experts: AUTOMATTIC'S Andrew Spittle ON Wordpress and the art of customer happiness
Product Update: Custom Email Templates
Want A Simple Way To Increase Revenue Growth? Forrester Says Invest In Customer Service
3 Reasons Why Eliminating Voice Bias Will Improve Your Customer Service
Customer Support Superheroes Gather To Address Customer Health KPIs
The Birth Of Helpshift: Our Founding Fathers' Stories
Improved Web Contact Form with Multiple Apps
From The Experts: Ojas Rege
How Microsoft Outlook Maintains A Startup Model Of Operation
"Helpshift Secures $23M in Series B Funding to Bring In-App Customer Support to the Masses"
"Helpshift Secures $23Mn In Series B Funding From Microsoft Ventures And Salesforce Ventures"
"Helpshift Customer Support Startup Lands $23 Million Series B Backed By Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures and Intel Capital"
"Helpshift raises $23M led by Microsoft, Salesforce for a chat tool that helps with CRM in apps"
Helpshift Secures $23M In Series B Funding!
The Less Time In The App, The Better: How Uber And Other On-Demand Services Changed Customer Support
One Month After Helpshift: Shyp Cuts Costs  by 25%
"If you are competing with global companies, creating world class-technology is a must"
Beat Churn, Join Communities: The Data Behind Users Who Don't Churn
Hours Scales Their Customer Base 10x Without Increasing Their Support Costs
Giving People Back Their Most Valuable Commodity: Their Time
"From being ‘Infinitely Beta’ to helping 130 million end users – the Helpshift Journey"
A Startup's Guide To Scaling Customer Support In-House
"The man who manages your customer in the mobile world"
How Drippler Turns 1 Star App Ratings into 5 Stars by Using Helpshift
34% of's top 50 developers use in-app support platform Helpshift
"Mobile 'Speed': Consumers' New Drug of Choice"
How Mobile Gaming Apps Are Ruling The App Ecosystem (And What You Can Learn From Them)
Conversational Commerce Is The Future Of Mobile
Improved Team Management and New Supervisor Role Permissions
Loyalty Programs Need To Exist On Mobile
Uber Replaces Email With In-App Support
Helpshift Product: New Reminder Automations Automate Customer Support Follow-Ups
VIP Programs Increase Monetization and Retention And Here's How
New Helpshift Read Receipts Display like iMessage: Know When Customers Received an Agent's Reply
Helpshift Product: Optimize Your Workflow with New Advanced Search
Helpshift CEO Abinash Tripathy on Future of Mobile and Why You Need to Invest in Customer Loyalty
"The Rise Of The 'Throwaway' App"
Abinash Tripathy Throws Shade at CRMs on Inc.
An App's Product is the App Itself: How to Win Over Mobile App Users
"Why CRM Doesn't Reduce Sales Costs"
How to Thrive in a Saturated Mobile App Economy
Why In-Game Feedback Channels Will Make Or Break Mobile Games
Zynga, Supercell, Microsoft & More Join Us at Helpshift's 2nd Annual MORESummit!
Zynga's Gemma Doyle On How To Build A Data-Driven VIP Program
From the Experts: Peggy Anne Salz Reveals the 3 F's to Addictive Apps
How to Segment and Prioritize Your Most Loyal Customers Part 1
From the Experts: Dan Kaplan Offers His Secret to User Retention
How Explosive Mobile Growth Set the New CX Standards
Ask Tushar: Is Amazon Really the Greatest of Them All?
Popping the Mobile Question: “Will You Stay With Me?”
Introducing Agent Nicknames and Branded Emails
One in Every Five Mobile Users Actively Seeks Help While Using an App
Ask Tushar: The Future is Mobile as Commander and Control
Apple Get's It: How Design and Customer Service Drives Loyalty
Why you're doing customer support wrong, and how to fix it
"Helpshift’s automated customer support tools reach more than 1.3B devices"
At The Heart of The Multi-Billion Dollar Mobile Gaming Industry: Product and Customer Service
Ask Tushar: How to Help Users Before They Even Know They Need It
1 in 5 Mobile Users Seeks In-App Help
From the Experts: Ted Schadler from Forrester Chats About The Mobile Mind Shift
Customer Support: What We’re Doing Wrong
3 Traits of a Rockstar Customer Support Rep
The Alphabet Soup of Customer Service Metrics
Designing Products for Generation Z
How Hyperdata is Revolutionizing Mobile in 2016
New Workflow Option: Assign Issues to Yourself
Supervisor Role: Improve your Team Management
Time Filter in Smart Views: Use Time to Segment Issues
Introducing Teams and Supervisor Role
Ask Tushar: Shouting Into the Void
Mobile Support is Proactive, Not Reactive
The Future of Mobile User Acquisition
Why In-App Mobile FAQs Are Essential To Mobile Customer Service
On-Demand App Life
Helpshift Guided Issue Filing: Optimize Your Contact Us Flow
Guided Issue Filing for Support Agents and Managers
"In-App Messaging Meets Customers Where They Are"
Helpshift Mentions: Collaborate with Agents Inside your Dashboard
Designing Customer-Centric Mobile Support Experiences
Helpshift Announcements Feature: Communicate with All Agents Instantly
Agent Permissions Update: Admins Have Greater Control Of Agent Dashboard Actions
How to Save $125k in Customer Service Spend
Why Most Freemium Games Fail
Updated Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Agent Workflow
The Way Enterprises Develop Apps Like A Startup
How App Developers Get Great iOS 9 Feedback
5 Things We Learned at Pocket Gamer Connects SF
Why Deep Linking is What App Marketing Needs
Action Needed: Agent Groups & Smart Views Update Incoming!
Linked FAQs: Share Your Knowledge Base Across Apps
Where to Begin: Scaling Customer Support in New Markets
The 9 Keys to Taming Promiscuous App Users and Increasing User Retention
The Import Updates to Existing FAQs via CSV + HTML feature is now live!
Improved Helpshift 'Settings' Update: Navigate Changes Easily
Weekly App Review: How Fitbit Could Defeat All Other Fitness Trackers
Helpshift iOS SDK v.4.11.1 + Android SDK v.3.9.0 Available Now!
How Angry Customers Boost App Installs
INFOGRAPHIC: What Makes Smartphone Users Keep Your App?
Scopely Takes Aim at Elevating Player Care: Lessons from David Tamayo
Why Your eCommerce Customers Won't Speak Up
7 Essential iOS 8 Tricks You Should Master
Helpshift Introduces: Baishampayan Ghose, CTO & Co-Founder
Weekly App Review: How Periscope Can Compete Against Meerkat
The First Debug Log Your App Needs
[Key Takeaways] A Social Community that Converts: A Simple Answer to the Retention Challenge
Your On-Demand Native Messaging is Incomplete
Weekly App Review: How Tumblr Can Reacquire Churned Customers
How to Reduce Costs While Testing Your App
Helpshift Introduces: Keri Combs, Account Executive
Helpshift is a TiE50 2015 Top Startup!
Why You Need True Customer Loyalty
Weekly App Review: Why Waze Has Great Reviews, but Not Perfect Ones
The Beginning of Microsoft's New Outlook
[Key Takeaways] Maintaining Brand Promise During Rapid Global Growth
Weekly App Review: How Evernote Should Recover from a Crash
Helpshift Supports Omni-Channel Companies with Metadata for Web Issues
Helpshift Automations
Helpshift Dashboard Walkthrough
How to Engage Your Players and Spark Virality
Helpshift In-App Messaging
How to Gain an Advantage vs Established Brands
Weekly App Review: Why Four Pics One Word Loses Players to Ads
[KEY INSIGHTS] How to Engage Your Players & Spark Virality
Why Your Brand Could Die in Two Days
Solving Your Cost of Acquisition Problem
How to Hack Helpshift for Customer Loyalty
How to Get Better App Reviews in One Day
Weekly App Review: How Ebay's Good Reviews Can Improve Localization
[KEY INSIGHTS] Lessons from GREE: 3 Keys to Scalable Engagement
Weekly App Review: How Fantastical Paved the Way for Fantastical 2
How to Make the Mobile Ads Steve Jobs Wanted
How to Create A Better Brand Experience
Weekly App Review: Why Community Doubled Minecraft's Profits
How to Have a Successful Mobile Beta
How to Hack Your App Retention Strategy: 20,000+ MAU
New Android SDK Version 3.8.0 Available Now!
Share Your Knowledge Base on Social Media
How to Hack Your App Retention Strategy: After Launch
Helpshift's Weekly App Review: How Instagram Should Fix Its Conversion Funnel
How to Pivot Support Costs Into Revenue
Why We Engineered a Better Unity Experience
[Key Insights] Mobile Retention and Engagement Summit
New iOS SDK Version #4.10 Available Now!
My First Steps Into the World of Mobile Gaming [Part One]
Helpshift's Weekly App Review: How Spotify Can Retain Monetized Users
Welcome to the M.O.R.E. Summit! [LIVESTREAM]
[KEY INSIGHTS] Mobile Acquisition & Retention Strategies Most Game Companies Aren't Thinking About Yet
Helpshift's App Review: Why Uber Could Lose Customers to the Competition
How to Intercept Bugs and Transform Reviews
Traditional Chinese Localization Has Arrived!
How Community Doubles App Growth and Engagement
[KEY INSIGHTS] 3 Critical Channels to Increase LTV and Motivate Player Engagement
Helpshift's App Review: The One Thing Players Hate About Summoners War
How a Startup Inspires Brand Ambassadors
[KEY INSIGHTS] ASO Decoded: How to Consistently Get 5 Star Ratings
3 Things to Consider Before the App Store
The Most Common Pitfalls Mobile App Developers Face
Helpshift's App Review: What Tinder's Monetization Got Wrong
How to Get Enterprise App Store Optimization on an Indie Budget
Enhanced Web Support Portal Customization
Helpshift's App Review: Why Monument Valley Is Losing Revenue
Reduce Response Time By 15% in 30 Minutes
Your App Just Hit 50,000 Users! Now What?
Why Do 80% of Users Delete Mobile Apps?
[KEY INSIGHTS] Launching a game? Everything You Need to Know KPIs; CPIs; ROI
How Hothead Games Cut Contact Rates By 50%
Helpshift's Roadshow to GDC
How to Hack Your App Retention Strategy: Before Launch
How to Get App Testers for Free
My Journey from Salesforce to Helpshift
Helpshift, Defining the Future of CRM
Helpshift's UserID: Serve Returning Customers Easily
Helpshift Smart Views: Now with Multi-Select Functionality
5 Things Mobile Gamers Want
Happy Holidays from Helpshift!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pardot Emailing Error
We are your CRM Idol 2014 CHAMPIONS!
Helpshift's Happy Holiday 2014
Integrate today and WIN!
Are mobile apps taking over the world? [QUIZ]
Improved Tag Management: Built to Scale
Support us for CRM Idol 2014!
How a Premium App Handles Holiday Customers
Helpshift Review Analytics: Made to Conquer Your App Ratings
How to Use Automations for Holiday App Success
What Every App Developer Should Know About CVAA
How to Test Your New Mobile App Idea
3 Small Steps to Make a Product Users Love
200 iOS Gaming Apps that Make the Most Money
5 Tips to Stay Off Your Customer's Naughty List This Holiday Season
How a TinyCo Agent Resolves Thousands of Customer Issues Daily
Welcome to Helpshift Analytics, Your Actionable Data Platform
Organize Your Smart Views with Smart View Folders
How Mobile Apps Increase Engagement By Ditching Email Support
Streamline Customer Care With Our Improved Issue Detail Page
Why In-App Chat Will Strengthen Your Mobile Community
Two Reasons Why Your App Has Bad User Retention
Why In-App Feedback Helps Developers Measure UX
Helpshift, Our Journey To Deliver Customer Support at Scale
How to Comply with COPPA and Avoid Getting Fined
Why Self-Service In Your App Will Keep Business Users Engaged
5 Tips to Get Your App Featured, According to Apple & GamesBeat
Make Your In-App Support COPPA Compliant
Reduce Ticket Volume with Enhanced Ticket Deflection
What On-Demand Companies Are Doing to Scale Into Mobile
3 Tips on How to Get Better Mobile App Ratings & Reviews
How Everalbum’s In-App Help Brings More Peace of Mind to Their Customers
Lean Startup Methodology for Mobile: How to Build a More Popular App with Less Money
iOS 8 Compatible SDK v4.8.0 Available Now!
Seamless Collaboration with Private Notes
Measure Your Agents’ Effectiveness (CSAT 2.0)
How iOS8 Interactive Notifications Make Customer Care More Amazing
3 Tips to Help Your Service Sell
New & Improved Dashboard Now Takes You Directly to Your Issues
Track the Life Cycle of Any Issue with Helpshift’s Show Activity Feature
Ticket Deflection 101: How A Knowledge Base Will Save You Money
6 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Mobile App Launch
How Top Mobile Games Increase In-app Purchases
Helpshift at Game Developers Conference Europe 2014
How Foxtrot Uses In-App Feedback to Optimize User Experience
Helpshift Keeps you Organized with the Ability to Reorder your Smart Views
New Issue Automations Part 2: Automations Based on Keyword Search
4 Overlooked Tips for Better App Store Success
Why TIDY Secured Mobile CRM Before Launch
4 Tips to Bring Your Mobile Support Up to Date
Block Email Feature Helps Prevent Unwanted Spam Messages
Customer Focused: How Gone! Finds Success by Putting Happiness First
Keeping it In-App: How Lowdown Stays Competitive with its User Experience
New Issue Automations: A Customized Approach to Interacting with Each Individual User
3 Customer Factors That Define Engagement
Keeping the Conversation Intimate With Users: Ovuline's Competitive Advantage
How to Share an Issue via Email
How Education Companies Are Appealing to This Generation
How to Create a New Issue on Behalf of your User
Helpshift’s New SDK Makes Feedback and Bug Report Collection Super Easy
Helpshift Raises $10 Million
4 Companies Who are Winning at Customer Service
Helpshift’s New SDK Helps you Reduce the Number of Tickets and Promotes Self-Service within your App
How Mobile Game Developers Innovate With In-App Support
The Customer is Always Mobile: Why Mobile Support Makes a Better Product
How Helpshift Helps Your Agents Seamlessly Work Together
How On-Demand Taxi App, Yaxi, Handles Thousands of Customer Support issues
Square and Groupon: A New CRM for Merchants?
Increase Your Efficiency and Ensure Reliable Data with Automatic FAQ Tagging!
5 Tips to Reduce Help Desk Tickets with a Great FAQ!
Optimize Your Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts!
Agent Groups have arrived! Improve your team’s efficiency with a customized setup
Optimize Your Team’s Workflow and Priorities with Shared Smart Views
Helpshift and the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL vulnerability
Why Lifelike Apps Stopped Using Zendesk
Helpshift is going to SXSW 2014 in Austin, Texas
Tips from a top grossing app - How to handle 2000 tickets a day!
“Rate our App” Now smarter and more intuitive through Helpshift
Customer Spotlight - How Drippler builds features their users want
End of year note from our CEO
Customer Spotlight - DoubleDutch saves $125k in FTE costs
Customer Spotlight - Circa's MVP in their newest release
Customer Spotlight - Stitcher significantly reduces ticket response times
Product Update: Deliver great customer support - anytime, anywhere
Here's a Top Grossing iPhone App's "Secret Weapon"
Helpshift + BugSense = magical product insight
What Other iOS 7 Features Are Planned (That Apple Is Not Telling Us About)?
Product Update: Captain Efficiency with Bulk Actions and More
5 things to avoid when updating your app for iOS 7
Operation Stoplight: Jenkins + Arduino Build Status Notification
Case Study: Lemon Wallet Helps Mobile Users While Dramatically Cutting Support Costs
Product Update: Actionable and critical data in new dashboard
9 Reasons Native Customer Service is a Must Have
Building mobile first apps with the customer top of mind - Edition 3
Building mobile first apps with the customer top of mind - Edition 2
Building mobile first apps with the customer top of mind - Edition 1
How to add FAQ's to your Helpshift Dashboard
Helpshift is now available for millions of mobile applications
The 5 minute setup using your Helpshift dashboard
How to deal with user complaints in Android app reviews
Introducing web support - seamless service through multiple channels
Tailored mobile integration - for your unique app
Buckle up! Helpshift is now even more powerful