Webinar: Live Chat Support at Scale 10/19

Elaina Ransford

Everything You Need To Furnish Your Mobile Help Desk

Every desk has its standard items: pens and pencils, a phone, a computer, a calendar, sticky notes, and a notebook or two. Like a physical...

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Bill Gates' "Disappearing Computer" Has Arrived

An interesting thing happened in 2003: Bill Gates was gifted with unnatural clairvoyance.

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Why Ambient Computing Is One Of Few Truly Disruptive Technologies

A History Of Mimicry

Every new technology begins by mimicking its predecessor. When radio started, there were no special sound effects— just...

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Are Your Customer Service Metrics Just A Vanity Score?

This month we've been speaking a lot about the benefits of incorporating collaboration into customer support, and it reminded me of a post I...

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