Meetings are often a pain to schedule. The process can be very inconvenient and a hassle especially for busy working professionals. Lowdown, as featured in TechCrunch, is an iOS app that is trying to alleviate that pain. Pulling information from multiple channels, Lowdown simplifies the process. In essence, Lowdown is like having an executive assistant in your pocket to help you with scheduling.

Since there are so many productivity apps available in the app store, Lowdown stands apart with its captive design. Great user experience is a top priority for the founders, and this carries over to their customer support process as well. David Senior, CEO and co-founder of Lowdown took time to share with us his experience using Helpshift and how the native experience of customer support contributes positively to the overall UX of his app.

lowdown mobile  app screenshot

Question: Why did you decide to move away from your previous Support Solution?

We’ve looked into Zendesk and a few other support ticketing systems. However, we’d rather not have email. Our targeted users are business professionals and they already have a lot in their inbox, we don’t want them to have to have to use email again for support from us. I read a lot of technology publications and once we heard of Helpshift and the in-app messaging, that was convincing enough for us. Our app should make our users’ lives easier and that goes for the support method as well.

Question: Why did you select Helpshift?

We’re 100% mobile first. We chose Helpshift because you guys provided the best in-app support. We put our heart and soul into designing and building this beautiful app, to compromise on the customer support aspect of the app would be naive. It didn’t make sense to me putting all this effort into designing a UX friendly app and then have the experience taken away with users having to email for customer support.

"We put our heart and soul into designing and building this beautiful app, to compromise on the customer support aspect of the app would be naive."
                                                                    - David Senior, CEO of Lowdown

Helpshift’s support ticketing looks beautiful in our app. It’s customizable to have the desired look and feel of our app--seamless integration.

lowdown helpshift screenshotQuestion: How does Helpshift allow you to enhance your users’ experience in your app?

The in-app messaging is fantastic! FAQ and messaging looks beautiful our app. We’re also a very new app that just launched, so customer feedback is key to us. We’re interested in their thoughts for product development and negative reviews can hurt. With Helpshift’s features, users can easily report bugs and give us feedback. We can also ping them to rate us in the App Store, which is great!

We want our app to be world class, investing in a quality mobile support solution adds to it. If a customer is contacting us about an issue, we want the process to be as easy for them as possible. With Helpshift, the user experience remains consistent and completely native.

In Summary:

Lowdown is adamant about giving our users a beautifully immersed user experience. Leveraging Helpshift’s features, co-founder David Senior can ensure his users will have a delightful user experience even when reporting an issue.