When you create an app with lots of clientele, requests have to be resolved quickly in order to help everyone before closing time. Aaron Lapierre, the Director of Customer Success at DoubleDutch, shared with us how he managed to: 

  • Provide more efficient help with a knowledge base in the app
  • Save time for the support team during each customer request
  • Generate 60% ticket deflection and spare DoubleDutch $125k in salaries
  • Cut down an average of 3 emails per customer request
  • Gained advantage against competitors that don’t have his SDK

How has an in-app knowledge base helped your profitability?

I noticed that the majority of event attendees asked similar questions that were not necessarily urgent problems. Such as 'How do I update my profile pic?' Helpshift’s searchable knowledge base enabled our event attendees to find answers to common event questions. And the canned responses enabled our Customer Success team to share incoming issues and overlap to provide fast support for clients. Now I don't have to hire 2 additional support staff to up efficiency. Your knowledge base contributed to 60% in ticket reduction and spared DoubleDutch about $125k in salaries.

It’s great to see Helpshift’s knowledge base has saved your team lots of money! Has Helpshift brought any other efficiencies to DoubleDutch?


DoubleDutch quote 2

The device information and debug logs have cut down the amount of interactions we need to have with an event attendee to solve their problem. Before, tickets were sent to us via email. If person didn’t include which event they were at, we’d have to go back and ask! Now all that information is passed via the ticket so we’re cutting down 3 emails on average per customer request.

Most events follow a similar login protocol within the app, but for those who are having trouble, my team can pull the instructions from canned responses rather than having to remember or search for the solution.

How important is it to your clients that you provide in-app help for event attendees?

We actually include this service in pitches to new clients. It’s a great value add, and they are really impressed with the high level of customized support that we provide. Plus many of our competitors don’t offer it, so it’s a real advantage for us!

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