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How Next Games Translates ‘Player-Focused’ Philosophy into Tangible Customer Loyalty

Being ‘Player-Focused’ Is Easier Said Than Done

If asked, most gaming companies would probably say that they are player-focused: always...

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The Art of Crafting an Appy Community: How TopHatch Increased Social Engagement 10x

Having exceptional customer service should always be a high priority for businesses, but there are certain products whose customers...

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Playdemic's Secret Sauce To App Store Top 20

Playdemic’s Golf Clash has all ingredients for a game-gone-viral. It’s a light-hearted but competitive PvP game that invites players around...

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Watch: How Helpshift Has Transformed These Companies

We're really proud of our product and have no qualms about this shameless plug. Here's a list of some quick customer testimonials that really...

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